Right now you can google “cheap logo designs” or “cheap web designs” and you will recieve thousands of pages with thousands of results directing you to all kinds of outlets where someone can help you achieve your design goals.

This is great as most of these services will also be REALLY cheap – which is always important especially if you are a small or start-up business with limited or restricted cash flow.

However the saying “you get what you pay for” is never truer. Now, I am not trying to discourage you from using the internet to seek the best solution for your design problem or project but I am asking you to think whether or not cost is the over-riding factor in what you are trying to achieve? I have scouted a lot of these services for research purposes and find that generally for logo design, you recieve limited concepts with no option to request amendments, there is no direct line of communication to your designer to discuss ideas and there are no external feedback mechanisms allowing you to hold someone to task if they provide you with a poor end product. This often results in you having paid upfront for a logo that either does not really meet what you had in mind, is likely VERY similar or identical to anyone else in the same industry who has used the same service and is likely technically not fit for purpose.

Unfortunately at Highland Graphics all to often we hear from clients who have tried a cheap, online logo or design service and have not recieved an adequate product. A logo design isn’t just about looking good, quite often if you use these services or have a friend/family member design a logo for you they will not have considered things like; scalability, colour-management, resolution, format, print setups etc – all of which are things that professional designers consider from the very conception of your project when discussing your design brief with you.

Websites…another pitfall – if you pay in advance to have an online service create a web design for you please also consider; amendments and revisions, hosting, search engine optimisation, maintenance and the designers general ability. Again, the benefit to using a professional, contactable design company such as Highland Graphics means that these are all considerations from the very beginning when discussing and creating a design brief otherwise you could be left with a very cheap but ultimately useless website!

In conclusion, whilst it’s always nice to save money and feel like you got a deal you won’t feel that way if you let cost be the only consideration in finding a designer for your project if you then have to pay out anyway to have another professional fix someone else’s mistakes! We offer free design consultations so that we can talk through your design project with you and discuss all of the details – it’s also an opportunity for us to advise you so that you have all of the knowledge to tackle your design problem…hopefully with us!


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